President's Message

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Your library, our libraries are not just places of reading and research, it is, they are truly the information hub, cultural resource and business centers of our communities.

Libraries are not obsolete; they are indeed a value-added component and extension of the educational institutions which exist.  Time spent by students at our libraries can be seen as an extension to the school day, is a place for families to spend quality time together spanning the world through movies, art, music, books, video, etc.

In order for libraries to continue to thrive, it’s our job as trustees to advocate for and promote this treasure within our communities via all modes of communication.  We must keep in pace with technological advancements and bridge the existent gaps.

As NJ Library Trustees, we must participate and share best practices and ideas.  Foster an atmosphere within and outside of our libraries that encourages dialogue and support.  

Remember, we are a “TEAM”.  

Energized Library
Making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Alison Bryant, President, NJLTA